As a long term provider of new and used Japanese minitrucks, we also are committed to assisting you with finding the parts you need. We stock common wear items for the trucks we sell and all other parts are just 10-14 days away.

All of our parts are original equipment OE parts. We can provide any part new, used or rebuilt.

We can also try to locate parts for trucks not previously sold by us. We recognize there are a good number of trucks out there without servicing dealers and we can certainly try to find your part.

If you are in need of a diagram of any component or schematic, we offer a research service that may help you. We now provide translated parts diagrams for almost any truck for a nominal per page fee. We have found most of the time you only need one or two pages. If you pay the translation fee and then order a part from the diagram, we will reduce the price o the part by the cost of the translation fee.

If you would like to order your parts over the phone, please have the chassis number of your minitruck available.

  • Suzuki chassis numbers are located on a blue plate inside the driver’s door on the right hand side  (RHS).
  • Daihatsu and Mitsubishi are stamped on the sheet metal under the driver’s side seat.
  • Honda has it on the wheel well (RHS) and the left kick panel below the emergency flare bracket.

We must have the chassis number to order most parts.  We can still buy parts for Japanese made minitrucks even if they are 25 years old.

We can not supply parts for trucks that are not Japanese made.

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