Road Legal

So many people have called over the years to request “Road Legal” mini-trucks that we decided to have them made in Japan to meet US standards for Low and Medium Speed Vehicles (LSV/MSV). These specially manufactured vehicles are right hand drive, have air conditioning and achieve 42-52 miles per gallon. They are perfect for universities, airports, municipalities, a newspaper route or nearly any other job requiring low cost/high efficiency operation.

We now offer four road-legal vehicles: the Mail-Mate LS delivery van-car, the Suzuki Shuttle LS micro-van, the Super Stalker LS pick-up truck and coming in 2015 the Busy Badger delivery van-car that is a bit larger than the Mail-Mate.

Some of the features of these vehicles include:

  1. 1. Road Legal: you are guaranteed to receive a plate.
  2. 2. Speed limited: your LSV/MSV will be speed limited to meet your state law.
  3. 3. Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) or Michigan Title: you will receive a MCO or Michigan title to take to your DMV.
  4. 4. Each vehicle is issued a standard 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN).
  5. 5. Tested fuel economy ranges from 42 to 52 miles per gallon.
  6. 6. Labels: Emissions, FMVSS safety label, and SAE; VIN.
  7. 7. Your vehicle includes a two year full parts and labor power-train warranty, and 30-month emissions warranty.

Mail-Mate delivery van-car

Suzuki Shuttle microvan

Super Stalker pick-up truck

Road Legal FAQ

What if I want a street legal Low Speed Vehicle, Medium Speed Vehicle (LSV/MSV)?

Great, we can help you. We guarantee you will receive plates in the state you live in or we will refund your money.

What is different about the LSV/MSVs?

LSV/MSVs are specifically manufactured to meet federal and state safety standards, which include limiting the vehicles maximum speed and other requirements. All 50 states have LSV laws on the books. The LSV is limited to 25 miles per hour top speed.  Canada allows LSVs but they must be electric powered.

What is a Medium Speed Vehicle (MSV)?

It is the same as a LSV except it can go faster. The MSV speed limits range from 35 to 40 miles per hour depending on your state.

What states have MSV laws?

There are many states right now that allow for a medium speed vehicle to operate on many roadways. The medium speed vehicle is capable of speeds up to 40 MPH. Generally if your vehicle meets the requirements for a Low Speed Vehicle you will also qualify for the medium speed classification. There are no additional safety requirements required of the MSV. Some states do require MSVs to display an additional sticker that indicates that you are a MSV. If you live in a state with a medium speed vehicle classification on the books we will set your maximum speed to meet your state law.

States that have MSV laws on the books and max speeds.

  • Connecticut: No state law, no adoption of federal rules, not possible to register.
  • Indiana: 35 MPH Maximum for LSV, not a separate medium speed classification.
  • Kentucky: 35 MPH
  • Maryland: 45 MPH
  • Massachusetts, 40 MPH
  • Minnesota: 35 Statewide with county approval
  • Montana: 35
  • Oklahoma: 35, but has additional law permitting Minitruck road use
  • Oregon: 35
  • Tennessee: 35
  • Texas: 35
  • Washington: 35

You mean if I live in Texas my truck will go 35 MPH and I will get a license plate?

Yes, and if you lived in Maryland you could go 45 MPH.

What year trucks are LSV/MSVs?

Low Speed Vehicle/Medium Speed Vehicles have to be 2009 and newer.

I have a 97 Suzuki truck that I am trying to make road legal. What do I have to do?

Only 2009 and newer trucks imported specifically to meet federal and state rules are eligible for registration in all 50 states.

What are the miles per gallon fuel economy for the LSV/MSV?

We have tested them several times and we have found the four wheel drive trucks will get around 42 MPG, the Mail-Mate car about 50 MPG and the micro-van about 45 MPG. We advertise these numbers as representative fuel economy that an average driver may obtain. Your actual fuel economy may be higher or lower depending on your driving habits.

Is the LSV/MSV safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The LSV/MSV we sell are built better than any other LSV/MSV on the market today.  In fact, the safety belts are made to the same standards as a full size vehicle.

What safety equipment can I expect to find in a LSV/MSV?

All seating positions have three point safety harness seat-belts as well as emergency flashers, turn signals, head-lights, brake lights and DOT safety glass. Certain models are also equipped with driver side and passenger side air bags as well.

Why should I buy your LSV/MSV instead of an electric model?

Here are ten reasons why you should buy our Japanese made LSV.

  1. 1. Our LSV/MSV(s) are made in Japan and the US.
  2. 2. Our LSV/MSV(s) run 24/7 without time-off for charging.
  3. 3. Our LSV/MSV(s) cost less to purchase.
  4. 4. Our LSV/MSV(s) cost less to operate. To replace the batteries in any of the electric vehicles you will spend between $1,000 and $3,000 dollars. This cost is to be anticipated every 2-4 years depending on how well you maintain the charge. If your work load requires the battery to use more than the top 25 percent of the charge you will shorten battery life by one half. This means if the vehicle says you can go 30 miles on a charge, you should keep your use to no more than eight miles a day between charging cycles or three miles with a full load. If I was to offer you a car that ran very quietly, but every 2-3 years you had to spend a few thousand dollars for a new motor you probably would not be interested.
  5. 5. Our LSV/MSV(s) do not suffer from reduced performance when under a load. A battery driven vehicle will not perform optimally under a load. If you are hauling something uphill, your speed may drop as much as 50 percent depending on how fresh the batteries are.
  6. 6. Our LSV/MSV(s) are not affected by cold or hot weather. Battery driven vehicle performance decreases when it is cold or hot. Batteries have a tendency to fail in the cold and have mediocre performance in hot weather. (Oh yeah, you also have to keep the electric utility vehicle in a heated garage because they do not come with heaters strong enough to melt ice or snow.
  7. 7. Our LSV/MSV(s) are all equipped with heaters. Dual wipers, dual side mirrors and a rear-view mirror are standard equipment as well as emergency flashers and back up lights.
  8. 8. AIR CONDITIONING is standard equipment now.
  9. 9. Our LSV/MSV(s) are available in Four-Wheel-Drive.
  10. 10. Most importantly, we can buy parts for vehicles that were made in Japan as long as 30 years ago. I can tell you that you will be hard pressed to find parts for non-Japanese-made products even two years after they are made. Call us and we will tell you who makes your truck if you are not sure.
  11. 11. I know, I know, 11 reasons. Hey, the Big 10 has way more than ten members.  Bonus reason number 11:  RESALE VALUE, your resale value will be much higher with one of our vehicles than with an electric vehicle especially if it is due for new batteries.
  12. 12. Another Bonus Reason: Safety; these vehicles have three point safety belts, high head rests, reinforced doors and the Shuttle, Mail-Mate and Busy Badger come with driver and passenger air bags. Air bags are like the extra point kick in football.  They are not important until they are important.

Where can I go with a LSV/MSV?

Many states have slightly different rules, but generally the plate gives you the right to go on any road where you can be within 5-10 miles an hour of the posted speed. So if your maximum speed is 35 you can go on a road with the posted speed of 45.

Where can I go with the Slow Moving Vehicle triangle?

Anywhere except the federal interstate highway system.

What does this mean?

By using both a plate and a triangle you are able to use any road except for the federal interstate highway.

What do you need to do to get a license to drive an LSV/MSV on the road?

If you buy a LSV/MSV from us we absolutely guarantee you will get a license to drive it on the road.

I have a manufacturing facility and I need the trucks to go the same speed as a fork lift. Can you do that?

Yes, we can program your LSV/MSV to meet the Industrial speed limitation requirements of a typical fork lift. This will allow you to use our vehicles in any application without having to worry about an inexperienced operator going too fast.

What paperwork do I receive when I purchase a street legal LSV/MSV from you?

You will receive a Michigan title, or Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO), a copy of your paid invoice, and a temporary plate (if requested).

Do I have to pay Michigan Sales Tax?

If we deliver to you outside the State of Michigan we will not collect the State of Michigan sales tax.  You will pay your own states tax when you register your new vehicle.  If your state does not have a sales tax, then lucky you.

What do I do when I get the title or certificate of origin?

All you have to do is take the documents and statement of sales taxes paid to your Department of Motor Vehicles to register your LSV/MSV. You will have to pay the normal registration fees.

We are a Government entity, Nonprofit School, Nonprofit Hospital, or Church. Are we responsible for Michigan Sales Tax?

No, you are not responsible for Michigan Sales Tax on your purchase.

We are a public university. Do we pay the Michigan Sales Tax?

No, you are not responsible for Michigan Sales Tax on your purchase.

I am a farmer and I am going to use it for agricultural production. Do I pay the Michigan Sales Tax?

No, you are not responsible for Michigan Sales Tax.

My state allows a credit for a trade-in. Do you?

Yes, we allow the same credit against your sales tax due as your home state. We can calculate your credit when you place your order.

How can I get a street legal Low Speed Vehicle/Medium Speed Vehicle?

Just pick yours out. We will make sure it is a LSV/MSV and meets the requirements for your state.  You will then take the title to your Department of Motor Vehicles to register your LSV/MSV. If you do not receive plates for your vehicle, we will refund your money in full.