Power-train Warranty 1 year 12,500 kilometers $565, 2 year 24,500 kilometers $885

Color Change or Camo Any Color or Dura-Coat Material Finish $1150 and $1550

Front Bumper Bumper/Receiver $325.00

Strobe Light Yellow Safety Strobe $165.00

Work Lights Front Work Lights $225

Rear Bumper Rear Bumper/Receiver $325.00

Carlisle 23 Inch Mud and Snow. Can be used on smooth pavement $300

Custom Seats Custom Seat Material $425 Wide Selection

Tool Box Side Mounted Handy Tool Box $250

Aggressive Tires 25 Inch Aggressive Tread Tires 4/$310

Custom Decals Only $50 with truck purchase. $325 separately.

Mattracks UTV Tracks Tracks $5500 plus $500 for Heavy Duty Installation

Miles Per Hour Sticker Stop guessing your speed! DA63T-DA65T 2001-2011 $18

Aluminum Wheels Alloy Wheels 4/$336

Tail-Gate Chains Extend Bed Size with these Tail-Gate Chains 2/$42

Stalker Package Front/Rear Bumpers with Receivers, Body Lift, Aluminum Wheels and Choice of Tires. $1595 Save $330

Custom Decal Option Promote your school and personalize your truck.

Mini Lift Three Body Lift 3 Inch Full Body Lift Kit $350 plus $300 Installation Stalker Package Lift

Windshield Vans Front Glass for Shuttle or Every DA64V

Windshield Car Front Glass for Mail-Mate, Alto HA24V, HA25V

Windshield Front Glass for Super Stalker or Carry DA63T